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Ball Surface - Deep Form Step One, 16.5 in (42 cm), Slumping Mold

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Ball Surface - Deep Form Step One, 16.5 in (42 cm), Slumping Mold


16.5 x 3.3 in (42 x 9 cm)

In addition to creating a wide shallow bowl, this mold is Step One of a three-step process that makes it possible to create a deep-slumped vessel. You will need three molds to do this: Step One is the Ball Surface mold (008738). Deep Form Step Two (008990) takes the bowl created with the Ball Surface mold to a more bell-shaped form. Deep Form Step Three (008991) takes the bell-shaped form to a deep vessel with graceful, sloping proportions and a flat base. For more information on this process, see:

About Creative Ceramics molds: Imported from Europe, these are simply the finest slumping molds we have ever found on the commercial market. Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, they have an exceptionally smooth surface, accept kilnwash uniformly, and do not crack under repeated usage if handled properly.

Note: The measurements given here are for the outer dimensions of the molds. This is to help you determine whether a given mold will fit in your kiln. Since they are handmade, individual molds will vary in size. Never cut glass to fit until you have measured your mold.

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Additional Information

Suffix Mold
Mold Shape Round/Oval, Deep Form
Mold Type Slumping Mold
Mold-to-Kiln Fit Pearl 22, GL24, CL26, Pearl 56


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