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Glass Slumping Molds

Glass can be shaped over and/or into molds in a kiln, using heat and gravity to create an almost endless variety of forms: plates, bowls, platters, and more.

Manufactured by Creative Ceramics in Europe, these are the finest commercial slumping molds on the market. Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, these molds have an exceptionally smooth surface, accept kilnwash uniformly, and do not crack under repeated use if handled properly.

Note: These are handmade, so slight variations in size are expected—be sure to measure your mold before cutting glass to fit.

Deep Form Molds

A three-step process in which consecutive firings ultimately result in a deep, tall, steep-sided vessel.

1717" Ball Surface / Deep Form Step One (8738) Deep Form Step Two (8990)Deep Form Step Two (8990) Deep Form Step Three (8991)Deep Form Step Three (8991)

Drop-Out Molds

An elevated mold featuring a hole through which glass can slump or "drop" when fired in the kiln, resulting in a variety of smooth-sided vessels.

Drop Out Ring (8633)Drop Out Ring (8633) Rectangular Drop Out (8923)Rectangular Drop Out (8923) Ellipse Drop Out (8955)Ellipse Drop Out (8955) Square Drop Out (8957)Square Drop Out (8957)

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