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Light Mineral Green Transparent, Medium Frit, Fusible, 5 lb. jar

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Light Mineral Green Transparent, Medium Frit, Fusible, 5 lb. jar


This style has been discontinued. Limited quantities available while supplies last.

Please Note: The color of frit in this style will change when fired. In larger grain sizes, the result will resemble the hue of the sheet glass; smaller grain sizes will take on a blue-green hue. This difference is most noticeable in powder (-0008). This unique characteristic has been observed through a range of heatwork, from tack fuse to full fuse firings.

Made from crushed, screened, and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass.

Frits are versatile and can be used in:
• Pâte de verre and kilncasting
• Kilnforming, including “glass sketch” and “painting with light” techniques
• Torchworking and blowing, to create colors and patterns on surfaces.

Frit Notes
To learn about the performance characteristics of specific glasses, visit http://www.bullseyeglass.com/products/about-our-glass.html.

Reading the Color Swatches
The color of the frit in its unfired and fired states may differ greatly. Please refer to the second 'More Views' image to get a sense of the approximate fired color.

In application, color saturation may vary. Thin layers may be lighter in color. Thicker layers may be darker and more saturated in color.

CA Prop 65

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Additional Information

Style Type Transparent
Suffix Medium Frit
Size 5 lb. jar
Gauge Medium Frit


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