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New Opalescent Sheet Glass

Soft, natural colors ranging from light to dark hues, designed to combine harmoniously with the rest of Bullseye’s palette. Each style is available in standard
3 mm double-rolled sheet, and Thin half sheets.

Indigo Blue, 000148-0030-F, -0050-F
Indigo Blue
000148-0030-F, -0050-F
Like black, very dark. Unlike black, vibrant and lively.

Dusty Blue, 000208-0030-F, -0050-F
Dusty Blue
000208-0030-F, -0050-F
Similar in intensity to Egyptian Blue (000164), but more muted and earthy. A comfortable fit with our opalescent grays.

Cream, 000420-0030-F, -0050-F
000420-0030-F, -0050-F
If you love French Vanilla (000137) – but don't care for the reactivity and unpredictable marbling – you will love Cream. It fires to an even, warm-toned off-white.

Celadon Green, 000207-0030-F, -0050-F
Celadon Green
000207-0030-F, -0050-F
A sophisticated and warm gray-green jade.

Artichoke, 000131-0030-F, -0050-F
000131-0030-F, -0050-F
A pale and elegant gray green. Tasty artichoke hearts at the café across the street from the factory inspired the name!

Warm White, 000920-0030-F, -0050-F
Warm White
000920-0030-F, -0050-F
It's still white, just warmer!

Mink, 000119-0030-F, -0050-F
000119-0030-F, -0050-F
A brownish mauve (or a mauve-ish brown).

Elephant Gray, 000206-0030-F, -0050-F
Elephant Gray
000206-0030-F, -0050-F
Perfectly fills the gap in our gray scale between Driftwood Gray (000132) and Deco Gray (000136). Fondly known as "Baby Elephant" to Bullseye employees.