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The kiln is the centerpiece of any home glass studio, and for many artists, owning their own is more necessity than luxury. These glass kilns offer excellent performance and versatility to perform a variety of kilnforming techniques. If you don't see the kind of kiln you want in our online store, visit Kiln Frog! At Kiln Frog's online store, use the code BULLSEYE DISCOUNT for $20 off a single purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Caldera and the BenchTop-16 kiln (and BenchTop-16 kiln kit) are available to order through our online store. Other kilns are marked "out of stock" here because they require freight shipping. To order one of these kilns, call us at 1-888-220-3002 or email sales@bullseyeglass.com. The Portland Resource Center stocks all kilns up to the Pearl-26 size for in-person pickup. Resource Centers in Santa Fe, Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York stock Calderas and BT16 kilns for pick-up. Call ahead to confirm stock.

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