Making a Chevron Plate (article)

    Start with a Cascade style sheet, cut into quarter inch strips. Keep your strips in order as you go. Slide the strips up or down into the pattern you like.


    Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls (article)

    Create your own streaky color palette. Layer Clear and White Streaky sheet glass over Transparent Tint glass styles. Slump in the Mini Cone Bowl mold to upturn the edges and achieve luscious color at the rim.


    G-Manu Glass Cutting System (free video)

    Once you adjust the G-Manu’s magnetic ruler to the location of the cutting wheel all your cuts correspond exactly to what you see on the ruler. And it works for both right- and left-handed use!




    Cascade 3mm sheet glass (-CA30)
    Multiple Styles

    Transparent Tints
    Multiple Styles

    G Manu Cutting System
    See Options

    Bullseye Glass Molds
    Multiple Styles



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