Bullseye FRIT

    Crush our world-famous sheet glass and what happens? You get Bullseye frit and powder. Our frit and powder can be used in any number of ways to create splendid designs, painterly effects, and more. See a few things you can do with frit below.





    Quick Tip:Kilncast & Slumped Bowl

    Get experience in volume calculation, frit tinting, and more as you create a kilncast disc from a frit-and-powder mixture, coldwork the edges, and slump it into this graceful bowl.


    Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls

    Create your own streaky color palette. Layer Clear and White Streaky sheet glass over transparent tint glass styles. Slump in the Mini Cone Bowl mold to upturn the edges and achieve luscious color at the rim.


    Quick Tip: Frit Balls

    Make a slumped bowl out of glistening balls of Opaline Coarse Frit (000403-0003).


    Functional Forms from Frit (Subscription Video)

    Using frit as our only type of glass, we create a sumptuous slumped bowl and lid.




    As Seen in the Quick Tip: Little Wisp bowls


    Mini Cone Bowl Slumping Mold

    Clear, White Streaky

    Transparent Tints
    Multiple Styles Available