Quick Tip: Fine Line Plate (article)

    Candle-bent Fine Line Stringers bring a lean line quality to this Mid-Century inspired design.


    Drawing with Glass (free video)

    Drawing with crushed glass powders and frits on sheet glass allows for a broad range of gesture and precision. It provides a fluid, flexible, and forgiving approach to kilnforming. This lesson will lead you in exercises designed to make you proficient in the method.


    3d Printing and Kilncasting with Norwood Viviano (artist workshop video)

    Create original models for kilncasting—then replicate them effortlessly with absolute precision. In this nearly 3-hour Master Class Video, artist Norwood Viviano demonstrates how to supercharge the lost wax method for kilncasting. He does so by using the surprisingly affordable and user-friendly technology of 3D printing.




    Frit & Powder
    Multiple Styles

    Billets & Cullet
    Multiple Styles


    Optic Topics: Harmonics

    August 24 & September 14

    Create beautiful optical diversity in your glasswork through a simple, ingenious method! In this live online class, produced in partnership with Vitrum Studio, you’ll explore and go beyond the dazzling techniques covered in the ebook Optic Topics: Harmonics by Vitrum Studio. The class video provides an inspiring, step-by-step blueprint for executing the method.



    One-of-A Kind

    Bullseye Limited Edition and Special Production glasses are made in the moment by our casters when they're feeling inspired. They're manufactured in small batches only, so once they're gone they're gone.



    Order Online, In-store Pick up


    Bullseye Resource Centers stock a large selection of Bullseye glass, accessories, and tools. We are a destination spot for walk-in shopping! But if you want to order in advance, we have a few options available for a speedy pickup!