Stained Glass

Bullseye's sheet glasses elevate any art, craft, or building project. Stained glass makers can choose from both fusible and non-fusible styles, and generally prefer 3mm thick sheets for most applications.

Ring mottle sheets are non-fusible and not intended for kilnwork. Ring mottle patterning is heatwork sensitive: at full fuse temperatures, it will almost completely disappear.

Stained glass makers should be aware of the characteristics of striker styles, which were developed for kilnwork. These styles require a reheat in a kiln to develop the target color. Before reheating, striker sheets may be very pale or colorless. In many cases, transparent striker styles develop the target color during the iridization process. Stained glass makers who do not have access to a kiln may want to select the iridescent version of the transparent striker color.

All styles are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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