Something that every studio needs: inexpensive, high quality, fusible, clear sheet glass. Bullseye Tekta sheets are versatile enough to form the backbone of any project. Compare styles and sizes.

Ordering Tekta

Single 10x10, 17x20 and sample sizes of Tekta are available here in our online store.

Larger sheets and full crates are marked Call to Order because they require freight shipping. To order, add it to your cart and click "Get Order Help" at checkout. We will contact you within the next business day to make arrangements for payment and shipping.

Alternately, you can call 1-888-220-3002 or email sales@bullseyeglass.com to order.

Single sheets of larger sizes are often available at Bullseye Resource Centers (Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Santa Fe).

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Clear Transparent, Tekta, 3mm, Fusible
$13.25 to $38.10
Clear Transparent, Tekta, 4mm, Fusible
$17.55 to $50.50
Crystal Clear Transparent, Tekta, 6mm, Fusible
$42.30 to $121.85
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