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Euclid 6434 Kiln, Bullseye Edition


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*Pricing starts at $14,191, subject to change.
An ideal blend of size, usability, and efficiency. This kiln is the largest we offer and thanks to its fiber module construction, it is also remarkably lightweight, clean, and energy efficient. Custom designed by Euclid to meet Bullseye specifications for optimal performance.

Bullseye Edition Special Features

  • • Fiber module construction roof and sides for greater energy efficiency

    • Refrasil® high strength silica cloth wrap at lid closure to reduce wear

    • Sturdy brick floor (2.5 inch insulating firebrick with 1 inch fiberboard backup)

    • Top-of-the-line heating elements supported in quartz tubes in the top and each side, and 6 pinless elements in ball grooves in the floor

    • Detached, easy-access electrical and control panel

    • Orton AutoFire Controller

    • Orton VentMaster ventilation system

    • 4 optimally placed vent/viewing portals

    • Steel storage shelf under the kiln

    • Gas spring lid hinges for easy opening

    • Locking casters

    • Flat load floor, 29.5 inches from static ground level

    • Exterior with the lid raised measures 78x82x66 inches


Interior dimensions: 15" x 64" x 34" (38 x 162 x 86 cm)

Exterior dimensions: 52" x 82" x 48" (132 x 209 x 122 cm)

Controller: Orton AutoFire Controller

Heating Elements: Top, bottom, sides