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Transparent 3mm Sheet Glass Kilnforming Sample Set

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Over 105 samples

Our modular kilnforming sample sets are designed to provide small groups of samples that meet users' specific needs, at lower prices than are possible with our full Master Kilnforming Sample Sets and the Master Stained Glass Sample Sets. Individual samples measure 2 x 2 in (51 x 51 mm).

Bullseye is known for its consistent product line. At the same time, our glass is a handmade product, and variations occur from run to run. Samples are selected for surface color, texture and transmitted light qualities from the middle of our color range. Glass ordered may vary slightly.

Some glass styles change appearance after firing. We choose samples that are as close as possible to the fired color. Fired color may vary, based on the firing cycle used in your kiln. This is especially the case with our “striking” colors, glasses that change color dramatically upon firing. With striking glasses, ordered glass might look different from the sample. (Striking glasses are labeled.)

Individual Glass Samples

In addition to our master and modular sample sets, we offer individual 2" x 2" samples of all Standard Bullseye sheet glass styles. Hand-select precisely the samples you need from our full range of transparent, opalescent, streaky, and collage glasses.

Technical note
Samples are for visual reference only, with style codes permanently etched into the glass. They are not tested for compatibility and are not intended for kiln work.